Monday, May 21, 2007

Wishlist Blog!

I joined the summer round of Secret Sister on my yahoo group and decided to make a wishlist blog.
Please don't laugh at the name of my blog - actually go ahead and laugh. I did when thought it up :-)
Well so I guess I'll just write out some of the things I'd want and *try* to update it.

Blackbird Designs
Soweth Sampler

The Drawn Thread's
Game board Sampler

Bent Creek
2007 Snappers (I have up to the 7th one)

Prairie Schooler
Pumpkin Patch
Any of the patterns that have people sewing or stitching in them. Saw them at CATS but couldn't find the patterns and now can't remember the names of the patterns :(

Small designs which can be stitched for exchanges

Fav Designers include
Elizabeth Designs
Bent Creek
Blackbird Designs
Anything Halloween - also like stitching houses, trees, and tiny people

Clay Beads (to make scissor fobs)
Small Swarvorski Crystal beads (also to make scissor fobs)

WDW Overdyed Thread
GAST Overdyed Thread
CrescentColours Overdyed Thread
Hand Dyed Linen in 28ct or 32ct
Natural Linen in 28ct or 32ct

Petite Needles

Needle Minders/Magnets

A nice magnetic shopping list for my refrigerator

Fabric to either use for piecing together a quilt or to finish up some of my finishes :)

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